Where to get the Crispy Chicken Burger Recipe – Tricks and Tips

Where to get the Crispy Chicken Burger Recipe

One Bounty Mission that Wanderers might receive during their journey in Tower of Fantasy is “Cook and Deliver Crispy Chicken Burger.” Completion of this objective will reward participants with 27,450 EXP, 1,080 Gold, 10 Bounty EXP, 1 Type I Chip, a Black Nucleus, Weapon Augmentation Box I, an Elemental Ore Shard Box, one Weapon Battery II, and a Matrix Data Pack II. Additionally, this mouth-watering Uncommon Recipe replenishes 7 Satiety and restores 3,300 HP, including 12% of one’s max health pool. Needless to say, the Bounty’s rewards paired with the Crispy Chicken Burger’s beneficial effects certainly make learning this recipe a worthwhile endeavor in Tower of Fantasy

How To Cook Crispy Chicken Burger In Tower Of Fantasy

There are two primary ways to unlock the Crispy Chicken Burger Recipe in Tower of Fantasy. The first and more straightforward method is purchasing the recipe directly from Margarette, a Food Vendor at Banges Dock. Wanderers will encounter this minor NPC with Hilda during the main questline, so players who’ve reached this point should naturally know where to find her. 


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On the other hand, those who’ve yet to get to the Banges region will need to complete Chapter 1 of Tower of Fantasy‘s Astra story to unlock the Jetboard Relic, which will enable players to cross the body of water between the starting island and the mainland continent of Aesperia. After arriving at Banges Dock, speak with Margarette to purchase the Crispy Chicken Burger Recipe in Tower of Fantasy for 1,000 Gold. This price might sound rather hefty from a glance, but the benefits the burger provides, including the Gold reward from the corresponding Bounty, make the investment worth the cost. 

Alternatively, Wanderers can unlock the Crispy Chicken Burger Recipe in Tower of Fantasy on their own by using the Creation mechanic at any Cooking Pot in Aesperia. To discover and cook this recipe, players will need the following ingredients: Homi Grain, Poultry Meat, and Lettuce. While cooking this dish only takes one of each resource, the discovery of the burger will require at least 15 ingredients total. According to YouTube content creator Aram Gm, players can use Homi Grain ×13 and one of the other two materials to unlock the recipe. Conversely, if players lack Homi Grains but have lots of Lettuce can swap the quantities in Tower of Fantasy.

Tower of Fantasy is available on PC, Android, and iOS.

Source: Aram Gm