What Ina Garten Does Before Doubling A Recipe – Tricks and Tips

What Ina Garten Does Before Doubling A Recipe

If you’ve ever doubled a batch of cookies by simply doubling each and every ingredient and then following the rest of the recipe directions, only to have the cookies come out less deliciously than a single batch would, it probably wasn’t your fault: According to cooking show host, cookbook author, and hostessing doyenne Ina Garten, baking recipes don’t always double successfully.

On an installment of her YouTube series “Ask Ina,” Garten addressed a viewer’s confusion about doubling recipes, responding, “Baking is an exact science, and when you double it, things change.” She noted that when she’s making a much larger batch than a recipe yields, she doubles it, notes the outcome and makes adjustments, and then doubles that larger yield recipe again, again checking for any needed adjustments. That strategy might not be super approachable for the skill level of an average home baker, but luckily, The Kitchn provides some more concrete tips for doubling recipes.