This Yummy Recipe Will Turn Around Your Monday Blues – Tricks and Tips

Potato Corn Cheese Balls: This Yummy Recipe Will Turn Around Your Monday Blues

Monday is back, and our routine cycle has started again. While some of us are tired from last night, others are thinking about how to pass this day. Even though we may not like Mondays, they don’t always have to be stressful and full of work. If you wish to turn around your Monday blues, how about doing it with some good food!? Food always brightens up anyone’s mood. And if that food comes with a cheese-filled centre, then it is even better! So, if you are thinking about what you can exactly make, here we bring you a recipe of potato and corn cheese balls to try! As the name suggests, these cheese balls are made with potato and corns as two main ingredients. Plus, with the addition of spices and herbs, it becomes even more indulgent. You can even choose to add more veggies to this as per your wish.

Once you make this snack, make sure to pair it with spicy chutney, ketchup, or any other dip. These dips help to elevate the taste of the snack. This yummy cheese ball recipe is also a fantastic recipe to make when you have unexpected guests coming over. It will be ready in no time. Find out the full recipe below: 

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Potato Corn Cheese Balls Recipe: Here’s How To Make Potato Corn Cheese Balls

First, boil three potatoes and mash them. To this, add green chillies, oregano, red chilli flakes, pepper, and salt. Mix this well. Once this dough is made, flatten it out a little bit. Add corn and cheese in the centre and then form a call. Deep fry this till a crisp. Once done, take it out and enjoy!

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