This Egg And Keema Dosa Recipe Will Leave You Drooling – Tricks and Tips

Kari Dosa Recipe: This Egg And Keema Dosa Recipe Will Leave You Drooling

When it comes to South Indian food, we love the variety we get. Whether you like the simple taste of idlis or vadas or a much heavier South Indian meal consisting of biryanis or Chettinad fry- the food from down south is always a delight. However, when talking about South Indian cuisine, we can’t help but express our love for dosa. Sometimes crisp and paper thin, other times fluffy, a dosa is a fulfilling meal in itself. Until now, we all have eaten the varieties such as masala dosa, Rava dosa, podi dosa, and more. But if you want something new, you have to try out Madurai’s famous Kari dosa.

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The Madurai Kari Dosa consists of three layers: a regular dosa on the bottom, an omelette in the middle, and minced meat on the top layer. This dish is a popular street food in Tamil Nadu. It is best served with a bowl of sambhar and chutneys. Since this dosa is made up of eggs and keema, it is a fulfilling meal on its own. Although this recipe may sound difficult to make, you can cook it within half an hour. This recipe is perfect for the days when you wish to have something satisfying and new. Check out the recipe below:

Kari Dosa Recipe: Here’s How To Make Kari Dosa

In a pan, saute onions, green chilies, curry leaves, and salt. Once finished, combine it with the ginger and garlic paste. Add minced meat next, and cook for an additional five minutes. Open the cooker when finished, and then simmer the keema for a further five minutes. In a bowl, crack two eggs, season with salt and pepper, and whisk properly. Drop the dosa batter on a hot pan in a circular motion. Cover it with egg mixture, drizzled with oil, prepared keema, and coriander leaves. When it is cooked from the bottom, flip and cook again.

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For the full recipe of this yummy Kari dosa, click here.

Make this lip-smacking dosa, and let us know how you like its taste!