These Are Rachael Ray’s Worst Recipes – Tricks and Tips

These Are Rachael Ray's Worst Recipes

Traditionally, posole (also spelled pozole) is a stew made with hominy and grilled spiced pork, which is garnished to taste with lettuce, chiles, onions, lime juice, radishes, cabbage, salsa, or avocado. Green posole might have tomatillos, while red posole can contain chiles like piquin, guajillo, or ancho (via Culture Trip).

Rachael Ray’s recipe for grilled chicken posole salad swaps chicken for pork and uses both tomatillos and piquin or roasted red peppers, so tradition is out the window. Then again, posole isn’t meant to be a salad, but let’s move on. Rachael cooks spiced chicken breasts in this recipe and dices them up after they cool a bit. The ingredients that would be toppings on authentic posole are mixed right into the hominy, including celery, peppers, and olives. Then it’s all dressed with olive oil, hot sauce, and lime juice. That must be where the salad concept comes in?

The last element of this salad is sautéed garlic, onions, and tomatillos, which Ray advises fans should cook for a few minutes to “take the bitter edge off.” Negative reviews mentioned how bitter the tomatillos made the dish, which isn’t surprising considering they are very tart when eaten raw. Roasting tomatillos would let their sweetness intensify and deepen the flavor, but that’s not what this recipe calls for. Final verdict: If this recipe sounds appealing, those who make it should think about roasting the tomatillos.