These 5 Yummy Tawa Masala Recipes Are Must-Haves On Your Home Menu – Tricks and Tips

These 5 Yummy Tawa Masala Recipes Are Must-Haves On Your Home Menu

Indian food is all about the flavour. Different types of masala and condiments are used together to add a zing to the simplest of ingredients.And on top of the list of such flavour-packed dishes are tawa masala recipes. Tawa is basically an iron griddle which is used to prepare different dishes. The preparation of dishes on the griddle lends a pleasant aroma and taste to the ingredients. If this description made you slurp, don’t wait for an occasion to step out of the house and enjoy street-style food. Just look at this list of five tawa masala recipes that are yummy and easy to cook.     

1)Tawa paneer masala

Paneer happens to be a go-to protein option for most vegetarians. This tawa paneer masala recipe is one delightful way of adding the ingredient to your diet. The dish involves paneer cubes added in a preparation of mixed spices and other easy-to-use ingredients. Does it make you drool? If yes, then do try this out. See the recipe here.

2) Chicken tawa fry

If chicken recipes make your mouth water, we bet you’ll fall in love with this recipe. Also, chicken tawa fry is a quick dish that will only take around 30 minutes to prepare and is full of flavour. Here’s the recipe.

3) Egg tawa masala

Eggs make for a versatile ingredient that works as easily in a breakfast dish as it does in desserts. If you need a detour from boiled eggs or omelette, you can always rustle up a super delicious egg tawa masala. See the recipes here.


4) Tawa pulao

How can we miss out on this wholesome dish while discussing tawa recipes? Tawa pulao or pav bhaji pulao is very popular and usually served in almost all the bustling streets of Mumbai. It is yummy and simple to make. Here’s the recipe here.


5) Tawa chaap masala

Soya chaap chunks are loaded with antioxidants and it’s packed with protein. It is also known to support heart health and bone health. So, this recipe works as a great way to add nutritious soya chunks to your diet. Check out the recipe here.

Tell us your pick from the list.