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the Unofficial Disney Parks Cookbook

If you can’t make it to Spain, you can always get churros at Disney. However, I must report that they are tricky to make at home.

Sarah Gilliland; Lily Alig

In 2020, Disney released its churro recipe, and though Disney has since taken it off its blog, you can still find the recipe online. The recipe in this book is not exactly the same as the Disney original — it takes out the butter and eggs, resulting in a stiffer dough that is harder to pipe. 

The recipe also calls for a large star tip, to give the signature ridges, but doesn’t give an exact measurement. If the churros are too thick, you’ll end up with a brown exterior and a raw interior.  Plus, deep frying is always tricky. You’ll definitely need a good kitchen thermometer to attempt this recipe.

I think this recipe benefits from experience. After attempting it once, I had a way better sense of how thick the churros should be and that I really needed a pastry bag to handle the firm dough.