The Unexpected Dish That Won The Trader Joe’s Corn Recipe Contest – Tricks and Tips

The Unexpected Dish That Won The Trader Joe's Corn Recipe Contest

Not feeling like cupcakes? There are plenty of other ways to use up some of Trader Joe’s corn products, or corn products from other grocery stores. If you have a bag of corn that’s been sitting in the freezer, you could use it up by making a cheesy jalapeño corn dip, which was the first runner-up in Trader Joe’s recipe contest. There’s a bit of spice from Trader Joe’s Crunchy Chili Onion and jalapeños, but if you don’t want to include any hot peppers in your dish, try this recipe for Mexican street corn salad, or Esquites. We also think that frozen corn and fresh tomatoes make a delicious summer salad that’s colorful and fresh.

The second runner-up recipe is grilled polenta topped with peaches and feta cheese. Grilling peaches is one of our favorite ways to enjoy summer fruit, but just make sure that you don’t make these common mistakes when grilling fruit. And, if you need an idea for date night, you can pick up the ingredients and cook one of these recipes with your partner, or participate in Gen Z’s Trader Joe’s date night trend.