The Absolute Best Ways To Slice Apples For Your Fall Recipes – Tricks and Tips

The Absolute Best Ways To Slice Apples For Your Fall Recipes

When it comes time to use those apples in your next recipe, you might run into the age-old frustration as they roll all around the cutting board. Not only can this be annoying, it can also pose a safety issue. Luckily, though, there’s a simple way around this problem — and it’s all about technique.

Place that fresh apple on a cutting board and, using a chef’s knife, slice one edge off the side, says Kitchn. Now that your apple has a flat side, lay your apple on the cutting board flat-side down, and simply cut it into slices, avoiding the core. This way, your apple won’t roll around the cutting board, and you’ll cut into the peel versus carving up the flesh or hitting the apple’s core. From there, you can further cut your apple pieces into smaller slices, depending on your recipe or personal preference.

Noreen’s Kitchen recommends a similar technique, but with a slight variation. It suggests thinking about your apple as if it has four quadrants. With this in mind, slice your apple four times, around the core, using a strong chopping motion. This way, you’ll end up with four roughly equal apple slices with flat sides and a separated core. From there, as in the previous technique, you can further slice your apples — which now lay flat — into smaller pieces as you prefer, cutting into the skin.