The 30 BEST Leftover Pulled Pork Recipes – Tricks and Tips

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Leftover Pulled Pork… something that we always end up with in our kitchen, don’t we? You cook a big pork shoulder and even though everybody had one hearty meal, there’s still plenty left.

Don’t even think of tossing it. It’s your chance to create a second meal, which is going to taste just as good as the original way you ate your pulled pork.

These Leftover Pulled Pork Recipes are super easy, as the pork is already cooked, and super delicious. Your family is going to love them.

This list is your savior later for the busy week nights, when you want dinners cooked in under 30 minutes. Cook your way through these recipes, they’re all amazing…

Brunswick stew is a hearty southern dish that’s perfect for chilly nights. It’s loaded with pulled pork and other meats, veggies, and great seasonings. One of the best meals to cook from leftover pulled pork.

And best of all, it’s super easy. Only a few minutes of hands-on time is all it takes.

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There is nothing more classic for breakfast or brunch than eggs benedict, and this New Orleans variation is amazing. They are delicious eggs to make for breakfast the next day from your leftover pulled pork.

Fresh buttermilk biscuits are topped with cochon de lait, poached eggs, and hollandaise sauce. So good!

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Pulled Pork Nachos are one of our favorite leftover pulled pork recipes. They’re so quick to whip up, and are sure to be a hit.

Plan ahead, and you can have these ready for your next game day party.

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Quesadillas are a fun family dinner idea. If you have leftover pulled pork, it makes the perfect stuffing for these quesadillas, along with cheese and veggies.

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Burrito bowls are a great way to use up leftover pulled pork, or any meat for that matter. This recipe shows you how to assemble the perfect bowl, with all the right fixings.

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BBQ Pizza with Pulled Pork is a fantastic way to use up leftover pulled pork. When you get tired of sandwiches and bowl meals, give this pizza a try!

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Pulled Pork King Ranch Casserole – layers of corn tortillas, a creamy pulled pork mixture, and cheese make this recipe a real winner. The classic Texas casserole never tasted so good.

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Pulled Pork Lettuce Wraps are a satisfying, yet low-carb weeknight meal.

Lettuce wraps are a great way to use up leftovers and add more vegetables to your diet. This recipe makes delicious wraps, which the whole family will love.

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Your favorite Grilled Cheese sandwich just got leveled up! This sandwich may be the most delicious option yet for your leftover pulled pork.

Don’t count the calories, just enjoy!

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Pulled Pork Loaded Baked Potatoes are great for leftover pulled pork and make cozy comfort food. Top with cheese and sour cream and you have one tasty meal.

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This BBQ Pulled Pork Fried Mac and Cheese Bites are the ideal comfort food!

Delicious, cheesy mac and cheese mixed with flavorful pulled pork is formed into bite size balls, coated with spiced panko then deep fried until crispy, crunchy and golden.

These delicious balls are the perfect appetizer for parties or game days.

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Give your leftover pork an amazing makeover by making this BBQ Pulled Pork Sliders for your next get-together.

This delicious appetizer is very easy to make in no time. Enjoy these cheesy, meaty sliders and make everyone happy…

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These Pulled Pork Burritos are extremely delicious, with homemade cheesy sour cream sauce. They’re made with simple ingredients and are very filling.

If you’re a fan of burritos, then try these Pulled Pork Burritos that are the perfect weeknight meals for your family.

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Looking for easy ideas to use your leftover pulled pork? Then look no further than this Pulled Pork Chili recipe.

This easy chili is super flavorful with fresh ingredients and spices and gets ready in just 30 minutes. Give your regular chili a nice twist by making this delicious recipe.

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There is no more delicious appetizer than this BBQ Pulled Pork Totchos! This easy and super tasty snack will impress everyone at the party.

They’re just like nachos, but with tater tots instead of chips. How cool!

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Make a bakery-style pastry at home with this Pulled Pork Pasty Puff recipe! It’s made using only 4 simple and flavorful ingredients, which taste absolutely delicious.

Serve them with BBQ or ranch sauce for extra deliciousness. A perfect lunch or dinner option for you.

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These Leftover Pulled Pork Tacos will become your new favorite dinner. This easy and delicious recipe is loaded with pulled pork, fresh avocado, pico de gallo, cabbage, and spiced crema.

You can easily customize this recipe as you like. So give it a try…

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Make your busy weeknights more delicious by making this Leftover Pulled Pork Stuffed Zucchini Boat.

This incredibly easy recipe is made with only 3 ingredients, making it a low-carb and super filling meal, that you can also make your own by adding your favorite toppings.

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This Leftover Pulled Pork taquito is easily a crowd-pleasing snack. This delicious and easy recipe takes less than 30 minutes.

It’s perfect to serve on game day, or at get together with all your family and friends.

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This is the best leftover pulled pork recipe you will ever try. This Sweet Potato Pulled Pork Hash made in one skillet is super easy to make.

You will simply love this delicious recipe, which is super versatile too. So enjoy a hearty meal with your loved ones.

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Give your traditional shepherd’s pie a delicious twist by making it with pulled pork. This Pulled Pork Shephard’s Pie recipe is extremely easy and super tasty.

You and your family will definitely get addicted to this new version of pie. A great way to use your extra pulled pork.

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Give your regular soup a Mexican flair and make this Taco Soup with Leftover Pulled Pork. This Taco Soup is super awesome and gets ready in under 20 minutes.

So try this hearty warm soup when you crave some Mexican flavors.

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Make a restaurant-worthy dinner at home with this Pulled Pork Enchiladas recipe!

You will love the cheesy, smoky and yummy homemade enchilada sauce, as it’s so easy to make and super flavorful. You can also make chicken enchiladas with this recipe. So just enjoy…

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Give your salad a whole new dimension with this great Pulled Pork Apple Salad recipe! It’s a healthy and flavorful salad that’s loaded with leftover pulled pork, cheddar cheese, pickled onions, and fresh apples.

All is drizzled with a homemade apple cider vinaigrette that will elevate this salad to another level. It will become your new family favorite salad.

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This is another great and delicious way to use your leftover pulled pork. The Creamy BBQ Pulled Pork Pasta has all flavors you love, it’s creamy, sweet, tangy, and meaty.

This one pan meal is definitely one to add to your weekly rotation menu.

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Searching for healthy, keto, and paleo-friendly recipes? Then this Pork Ramen Zoodle Bowl is just perfect!

This Bowl is an amazingly delicious and filling meal that is super comforting. It’s loaded with all fresh and colorful ingredients which go perfectly with each other.

You and your family will defiantly enjoy this super simple and flavor-packed bowl of goodness.

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Make your day special with this Vietnamese-style Pulled Pork Banh Mi sandwich. This super delicious sandwich is packed with tasty pulled pork, fresh picked veggies and homemade sriracha mayo sauce.

Assemble everything in fresh Bahn mi bread and simply enjoy a flavorful meal with your loved ones.

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Looking for some fun cheesy dip for your next get-together or game day? Here it is!

This addictingly delicious Pulled Pork Dip is loaded with smoky pulled pork, creamy cream cheese, and cheddar. Impress your guest by making this smashing Pulled Pork Dip.

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You are going to love this Pulled Pork Sandwich, which only requires a few ingredients and tastes incredibly delicious.

Serve these easy and tasty sandwiches at your next summer party and wow everyone.

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Shredded Pork Greek Pita will give a delicious justice to your leftover pulled pork. It’s packed with fresh veggies and pulled pork, and then topped with your favorite dressing.

That it, your simple Greek Pita is ready for you to devour.

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So there you go, thirty amazing leftover pulled pork recipes. They’re all so delicious! Which one will you try first?

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  • 2 buttermilk biscuits
  • 1 cup pulled pork
  • 4 poached eggs
  • 1 batch hollandaise sauce


    1. Top each biscuit half with 1/4 cup cochon, one poached egg, and desired amount of hollandaise sauce. Garnish with parsley.
    2. Serve immediately.

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