TEST Kitchen Offers Marvel-ous Recipes – Tricks and Tips

TEST Kitchen Offers Marvel-ous Recipes

TEST Kitchen, a new series on Marvel Unlimited, is bringing the food of Marvel to life. From renowned chef Paul Eschbach and artist E.J. Su, the series follows Anna Ameyama on her culinary journey. Each issue includes the actual recipes Anna uses so that readers can eat like an Avenger.

What is TEST Kitchen About?

The series begins with chef Anna Ameyama achieving her dream of opening up her own food truck. Unfortunately, that dream is soon squashed, literally, when Iron Man accidentally destroys the truck. Just as all seems lost for the aspiring chef, Mr. Stark samples her food and decides she must be his personal chef. Now, Ameyama is cooking for an actual Avenger.

The monthly series will follow Anna as she learns the culinary intricacies of the Avengers and various superheroes. Each issue will include the actual recipe Anna uses, crafted by chef Paul Eschbach. The first issue of TEST Kitchen is available now on the Marvel Unlimited app.

Tell Me More About This Unique Series

Speaking to Marvel, Eschbach discusses how this project came to be. This all started when Eschbach and Marvel Editor-in-Chief C.B. Cebulski discussed bringing food culture to comic culture. Thus TEST Kitchen was born. As for the character of Anna, she is based on Eschbach’s own experiences as an up-and-coming chef. She is also meant to serve as a positive role model for aspiring young girls out there.

As the series began to take shape, Eschbach and Cebulski wanted to make sure the recipes were approachable but unique. After all, recipes, like comics, tell their own stories. So each recipe is crafted to coincide with the story told in TEST Kitchen but also easy and fun enough to do at home. The first issue features a delicious Tonkatsu Torta that will impress the Tony Stark in your life.