Tanduay Releases “Cocktail Culture” Book of Recipes – Tricks and Tips

Tanduay Releases “Cocktail Culture” Book of Recipes – Tricks and Tips

Available in e-book format, it can be accessed via the Tanduay website, global.tanduay.com.

“We came up with the book so that both new and long-time customers can experience and appreciate Tanduay in different ways,” said Marc Ngo, Tanduay Distillers, Inc. International Business Development Manager and Senior Brand Manager.

The cocktails’ taste and colors reflect the Philippines’ beautiful beaches and sunsets. Some of the recipes in the book include those of Tropical Queen featuring the Tanduay Asian Rum Gold, Tranquil Waters featuring the Boracay Cappuccino Rum, Beach Blonde with the Tanduay Dark Rumand Sun-kissed Mango with Tanduay White Rum.

Customers can easily follow the preparations, said Ngo, and enjoy their Tanduay-infused cocktails without the fuss. The book also contains recipes for the home-made syrups that will be used in the cocktails.

Tanduay continues to gain new customers as it expands its export business. It is now present in 12 U.S. states and the territory of Guam, as well as in the countries of China, Singapore, the United Arab Emirates, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, and the United Kingdom.

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Joseph Chiong
Business Development Manager
Tanduay Brands International
+1 (714) 588-6760

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