Simple Homemade Arepas Recipe – Tricks and Tips

Simple Homemade Arepas Recipe

The main ingredient in arepas is something called masarepa, which is cooked cornmeal. McGlinn admits that it isn’t always easy to find, and says that “masa harina … can be used as a substitute in a pinch,” although the texture and flavor will be slightly different, and you may have to adjust the amount of water in the recipe. She also says that you do not need to use both yellow and white masarepa if you can only find the one or the other, but tells us that “I prefer the taste of the yellow and the texture of the white,” which is why she likes to use both.

The other ingredients you’ll need aren’t at all difficult to source, as they simply consist of water, salt, and vegetable oil for frying. You’ll also definitely want some toppings, fillings, and condiments for your cooked arepas, so scout out your fridge for the best candidates