Recipe submissions open for annual Cookbook Contest

Recipe submissions open for annual Cookbook Contest


PARKERSBURG — It’s nearing the time of year for the Parkersburg News and Sentinel and Marietta Times holiday Cookbook Contest and submissions are open for the 68th edition.

“We are excited to once again give this opportunity to our readers to showcase their great recipes for all to enjoy. Our annual Cookbook is one of our best-read sections each year,” said Jim Spanner, publisher for the Parkersburg News and Sentinel and Marietta Times.

This year’s edition is centered around holiday cooking with new categories: Holiday side dish, family tradition main dish, holiday desserts and a newly added kids’ cook competition.

“I like to see kids get involved in the kitchen and learn to cook, getting involved from a young age,” said Kiki Angelos, contest judge. “I would love to see them have cooking classes in schools. I’m very excited we’re going to have the children’s category.”

Five recipes can be submitted per category and a panel of judges will determine five finalists per category. Finalists will attend the Tasting Party on Oct. 26 at Rockport Church of Christ where they will bring their prepared dish and spend about five minutes putting together a presentation of the dish, which will also be judged.


For the kids’ contest, the dish can be prepared the night before and parents can bring it to the Tasting Party and set up the presentation for them. The kids’ cook competition is open to children ages 8-18 and recipes of any category will be accepted.

Each of the finalists will select an appointment time within the window for their category to come to the venue, set up their presentation, serve their dish and take it home with them. Contest judges Jess Mancini, Angelos, Mrs. Joseph C. Snyder, Amy Phelps and last year’s grand prize winner Alex Johns will award points according to taste, overall appeal, presentation and the recipe itself.

Judges will determine first, second, third place and honorable mention per category and the grand prize winner will be announced in the Cookbook, which will be in both newspapers on Nov. 18. The grand prize winner will receive a $500 gift card from Piggly Wiggly and prizes will be awarded to first, second, third and honorable mention winners.

Results of the contest will be published in both newspapers Oct. 27 and the Cookbook itself will include recipes, features about the winners and the grand prize winner.

Recipes will only be accepted via email at [email protected] or through Google using this link: https://tinyurl.com/2kywwrb2 Physical copies of recipes will not be accepted.

The deadline for submissions is Sept. 17 and recipes must fall under one of the categories to be selected. No more than 15 recipes per person can be submitted.

The following rules apply:

1. Each contestant may enter no more than 15 recipes, up to five recipes in each of the three categories. Make sure to note what category you are entering and count your entries before sending them in. If you send more than five recipes in any category, NONE of the recipes will be entered into the competition. If you send in a recipe for a category that is not present, it will not be entered. Please double-check your categories.

2. Recipes must be submitted by email or through the Google form https://tinyurl.com/2kywwrb2 or it will not be entered for the contest. Every entry must contain your name, address and telephone number. If we cannot contact you, you cannot win. For each submission, name the category in which the recipe being entered and the name of the recipe.

3. Read your recipes through before sending, or even better, have someone else read them to make sure they are complete. Be sure to include pan size, temperature and length of cooking time. DO NOT say, “put in oven and cook until done.” DO SAY, “put in a 350-degree oven for 25-30 minutes or until golden brown.” Only give brand names if necessary to the success of the dish, but do give package size. Remember, readers will be trying to duplicate your dishes at home, so make it a pleasant experience for them by making your recipes easy to read and directions easy to follow.

4. Recipes may be emailed to [email protected] The same rules apply: One recipe per message, with the category, name of recipe and complete contact information (name, address, phone number) on each. The recipe MUST be in the body of the email, NO attachments.

5. Recipes must be email time-stamped no later than midnight Sept. 17. Late submissions will not be accepted.

7. If selected as a finalist, you must be available to attend the Tasting Party on Oct. 26 at the appointment time assigned. If you are unable to attend, an alternate will be chosen. Complete details will be provided to the finalists.

The 2022 Cookbook will be in the Nov. 18 editions of the newspapers. Category finalists and winner will be published in the Cookbook, as well as a select amount of submitted recipes. Sending your recipes DOES NOT guarantee it for publication.

Candice Black can be reached at [email protected]

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