Padma Lakshmi Shares Her Opinion On The Ideal Summertime Sandwich (Recipe Video Inside) – Tricks and Tips

Padma Lakshmi Eats This Dish At Least Once A Week And Heres Why (Recipe Inside)

Padma Lakshmi is one of the most celebrated Indian-American celebrities who is also a foodie! She started her career as a model but now she has managed to expand her career into her true passion – food! Now, she is the host of one of the most popular cooking reality shows, produced her own cooking show and has written over 6 novels about food itself. From being a style icon to now being a food inspiration, Padma Lakshmi has managed to do it all. Her social media is also enough proof of her love for food. You can find her sharing relatable memes on Twitter and showing her favourite recipes on Instagram.

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Recently, Padma Lakshmi shared what according to her is the best version of a tomato sandwich with her 1.3 million followers on Instagram and she had some interesting inputs to give! According to her, the BLT sandwich is “the best version of a tomato sandwich”. For the unversed, BLT is a meaty sandwich that includes bacon, lettuce and tomatoes, hence the name BLT. She also added that summer is the best time to enjoy this decadent sandwich. Take a look:

That’s not all, after sharing her opinion and love for BLT, which seems to be her favourite sandwich at the moment, she also shared the recipe of how we can make the perfect BLT sandwich at home.

BLT Sandwich Recipe: How To Make Padma Lakshmi’s BLT Sandwich

Start by slicing the tomatoes into nice, round pieces. Season them with salt and pepper. Toast the bread till it is crisp and brown. Padma Lakshmi likes to flavour her bacon with honey mustard and then grill it on the pan. If you don’t have honey mustard with you, you can just grill it as it is. Time for assembly! On the toasted bread, place the lettuce leaves, tomato slices, and bacon, then again place tomato slices and lettuce. Close the sandwich and BLT is ready!

Watch Padma Lakshmi’s recipe video for the BLT sandwich below:

Try out Padma Lakshmi’s BLT sandwich and let us know if you agree with her views in the comments section below!