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New shoppable recipe website Jupiter taps into chef content creators’ online fans

An up-and-coming website has created a hub for social media chef creators to turn their food content into shoppable recipes for their followers.

Jupiter, set to launch nationwide on Monday, lets customers fill their virtual shopping carts with the ingredients needed to create their favorite chef influencer’s recipes. Customers have several options for how to shop Jupiter, including automated ordering, personalized meal plans and the ability to purchase ingredients from their social media feeds. 

“People follow creators and specific publications, specific blogs, and that’s how they decide what they’re going to eat week to week,” said Jupiter co-founder and CEO Chad Munroe. 

When customers select the recipe they want to make, all the necessary food items are added to their cart and delivered to their door through DoorDash

Searching through Jupiter’s recipes and purchasing through the platform comes at no additional cost to shoppers and there is no subscription fee. Once customers create an account, they are able to fill out an onboarding questionnaire to customize the shopping experience to best fit their needs. They can then get a weekly “smart shopping plan” to review and update as their preferences change. Jupiter also offers automated ordering by using predicted inventory tracking for items. 

Jupiter aims to make it easier for customers to shop content creators’ recipes.

Retrieved from Jupiter on September 19, 2022


In return, creators — or “Jupiter Co-Pilots,” as the startup calls them — receive direct compensation from groceries shopped through their recipes and can leverage the platform as a way to continue building their online presence. Jupiter allows creators to launch recipe storefronts integrated with Instagram, TikTok, Pinterest and other social media platforms, allowing followers on those sites to directly shop recipes and products.

Today, the company has over 60 creator shops customers can choose from. The web app taps into the established social media following of creator chefs, including recipe developer Molly Baz and the creators behind the blogs Avocado Skillet and Food Fashion Party.

Brands can also set up shops on Jupiter for recipes featuring their products. While Jupiter does not have any visible on its site currently, the company is working on finalizing partnerships in the upcoming weeks.

Munroe, along with his founding team, came up with the concept for Jupiter during his final semester at Stanford University in 2019. By January 2020, Jupiter had its first creator shops.

Jupiter aims to diversify the revenue stream for content creators. The announcement about the platform notes that food creators often get one-off brand sponsorship deals and that Jupiter helps streamline and broaden income for creators, allowing them to focus on the food rather than on doing sales.

For at-home cooks and grocery shoppers, Jupiter is positioning itself as a one-stop destination for recipes and inspiration from food influencers.

Jupiter’s launch is timely with the growing trend of at-home eating and grocers seeking out new ways to cater to at-home cooks and customers seeking fresh prepared offerings. Walmart, Reasor’s and The Fresh Market are just some of the retailers turning to shoppable content to reach shoppers hungry for convenience paired with meal planning.

Next year, Jupiter plans to launch its services nationwide and aims to onboard more creators and brands in the meantime.