Make Iron Man’s Favorite Food With Comic That Blends Superheroes & Recipes – Tricks and Tips

Chef Amayama and the Avengers

Comic book fans can finally flex their culinary skills in a new series from Marvel that shows them how to make the best hero meals, including Iron Man‘s favorite Torta. Even superheroes need a break from the heroics to dine on something tasty. One of the best known dishes for a Marvel hero in fact is Deadpool’s love for chimichangas, but the joys of cooking expand beyond the Merc with a Mouth as there are numerous characters that have favorite treats and dishes. Fans even got a glimpse into what it would be like to eat Marvel food in a cookbook called Marvel: Eat the Universe by Justin Warner, which included numerous tasty meals for fans to try. However, it’s not ending there because a new comic series is giving fans even more access to the delicious side of Marvel.


T.E.S.T. Kitchen is a brand new online Marvel Unlimited Exclusive comic created by real-life chef Paul Eschbach and artist E. J. Su. It follows the adventures of chef Anna Ameyama as she follows her dreams of owning her own food truck. Her hopes are crushed though when it’s destroyed during a fight between Iron Man and one of his nemeses. Things may look bad for Anna, but it takes a quick turn when a dish she makes wows Iron Man and lands her a new job as the head chef of Tony Stark’s armor-upgrading headquarters Stark Industries! Talk about a dream come true. What’s even better though is that the creators are giving readers a chance to experience this comic in a whole new way.

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According to Marvel, “Each issue of this vertical, app-exclusive series features a recipe by Eschbach himself!” This gives T.E.S.T. Kitchen a much-needed layer of interactivity with readers for a premise that’s based around a cook in the Marvel Universe. Plus, to kick things off, Marvel has supplied the first recipe from the debut issue for anyone to read and make on their own. The first dish is in fact the meal that landed Ameyama her new head chef career: a Torta. The dish is a pork chop sandwich that has unique sauces for flavor, cabbage, a fried egg and avocados, all nestled together on a bun. Check out Marvel’s post to take a look at the full recipe and try it for yourself!

What’s even more interesting is how Marvel is encouraging its culinary fans to show off their skills. For the next month, Marvel is calling on readers to not only make the Torta recipe but also share it with them. When you craft the Iron Man favorite dish, take a picture of it and share it on Twitter or Instagram accompanied by #MarvelMission. At the end of the month, Marvel will pick their favorite pictures of the delicious entrée and share them for everyone to see. This is a great opportunity for those that don’t just love Marvel Comics but also want to flex their skills in cooking.

The first issue of T.E.S.T. Kitchen is currently available now through Marvel’s newly transformed Unlimited app. More issues will be coming, which means that there will be even more dishes to try as Anna’s story in the Marvel Universe continues. Giving readers the opportunity to make heroic dishes that are loved by characters like Iron Man is a fascinating way to add a special spice to a new series, and it’s sure to make T.E.S.T. Kitchen one of the most viewed and cherished Marvel comics on the Unlimited app.

Source: Marvel

T.E.S.T. Kitchen is available on Marvel Unlimited now!