Make back-to-school extra special with these bento box lunch recipes – Tricks and Tips

Make back-to-school extra special with these bento box lunch recipes

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Convenient, compact and eco-friendly, bento boxes are taking TikTok by storm, especially when it comes to school lunches. Thanks to bento boxes and their efficient compartments, packing lunch has never been easier or more fun! If you’re looking to make your child’s first day back at school extra special, here are five back-to-school bento box lunch recipe ideas that will have you thinking inside the box.

Start the new school year on a high note with this back-to-school-themed bento box. This lunch features a sandwich shaped like a notebook resting on a lettuce leaf, as little plastic toothpick boots, hands and eyes bring the notebook sandwich to life. Following the back-to-school theme, blueberries skewered with numerical toothpicks sit among star-shaped cucumber slices and strawberries that are pinned with a crayon toothpick. Last but not least, a stop sign post holds down a pile of watermelon balls while an apple toothpick adorns the gummy candy in the center.

For a school lunch that’s out of this world, look no further than this space-themed bento box. The universe inside this bento box includes an Earth-themed turkey sandwich made with edible food coloring and almond milk in the main compartment. Crescent-shaped cucumbers and star-shaped carrots orbit the Earth sandwich, along with black cherry jello with star-shaped sprinkles, in addition to grapes and star-shaped strawberries. An assortment of crackers and a Cosmic Brownie complete this galactic lunch.

Tomatoes and kiwis and nuggets, oh my! This zoo-themed bento box features a series of adorable animal toothpicks to accompany each food serving. In the compartment of chopped strawberries live two giraffe picks. Across from the giraffes are a pod of dolphins frolicking in diced kiwis while a family of pandas guards the cucumber slices. Meanwhile, two lions lurk in the cherry tomatoes next to the main course of dinosaur chicken nuggets.

This buzz-worthy bento box is too sweet for words! Inside the beekeeper’s bento box hive lives the queen bee sandwich. Above the queen sits a nest of Honeycomb cereal while a garden of radish and yellow pepper flowers, buzzing with a swarm of bee-shaped carrots, surrounds a mango beehive over a cluster of blackberries. Several candy bees, convening in the center, complete this bento box beekeeper’s hive.

This ham and cheese omelet bento box, featuring a group of happy bears, is guaranteed to make your child smile. TikToker Jessica Woo (@sulheejessica) begins by placing slices of a ham and cheese omelet over a layer of white rice, followed by bear-shaped pieces of fried Spam with seaweed forming the eyes and mouth. After adding a side of kimchi, Woo includes a scored mango, along with raspberries and blueberries for a serving of fruit. For the finishing touches, she adds some spicy Chex Mix before sealing the bento box off with a note.

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