Lean (Yet Juicy) Taco Meat Recipe – Tricks and Tips

Lean (Yet Juicy) Taco Meat Recipe

To make this taco meat, you’ll need ground beef — lean, since you won’t be draining the grease, so it’s best not to have too much fat. You’ll also need an onion, canned tomato sauce, and a fair number of dry spices and seasonings.

In case you’ve ever wondered what’s in those envelopes of taco seasoning, well, probably a bunch of preservatives and other bad stuff. Here, however, the spice mix includes 6 different components: chili powder, salt, cumin, paprika, garlic powder, and Mexican oregano. If you’re wondering why the oregano called for is Mexican, and whether this is different from plain old oregano, Rapone says that yes it is — the standard oregano is Mediterranean, but she prefers using Mexican here, as she says it “tends to have more citrus notes, which works really nicely in this spice mix.”