Kung Fu Panda Buns to Garfield’s Lasagna, see recipes to delicious foods that cartoons gorge on – Tricks and Tips

Kung Fu Panda Buns to Garfield’s Lasagna, see recipes to delicious foods that cartoons gorge on

In a world brimming with OTT content, quixotic daily soaps and sordid K-dramas, one can’t push back the warm wave of nostalgia that hits you when you come across a beloved cartoon from your childhood. Some of the best memories are ones where we’d cuddle on the family couch with siblings as we watched animated series like Dexter’s Laboratory or The Perils of Penelope Pitstop. And watch as we did, we’d feel maddening hunger pangs the moment the characters dug into drool-worthy foods. But as a young adult, the curious inner child in me was intrigued by the need to discover the true flavors beneath reel food.

So, the next time you have a hankering for Po’s dumplings or the 99-cheese pizza relished by the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, look no further. We bring you some of the most delicious recipes to foods your favorite cartoons gorge on. So that you may recreate them in your home kitchen.

  1. Po’s Sweet Bean Buns from the Kung Fu Panda

Fans of the massive Kung Fu Panda franchise are probably well aware of Po Ping’s love for food. Well, our beloved protagonist who works in his adoptive dad’s noodle shop absolutely adores red bean buns in the movies. Po is often spotted feasting on dumplings and noodle soup, but it is the elusive buns that captivated us. Do you recall the steamed and baked bean-stuffed buns that he used as weapons and shot them from his loaded mouth? Well, take a sneak peek at the recipe-

  1. Garfield’s Lasagna from Garfield and Friends

The only thing more famous than Garfield’s hatred for Mondays is his love for Lasagna. Whether it was refusing to share his meal with the naïve Odi or sneaking away to feast on the luscious lasagna, our childhood favorite orange tabby kitty did it best. As the story goes Garfield was born in an eatery where he promptly gobbled up all the lasagna and famously adored the dish all his life. Here’s all you need to cook up the very same recipe in its cheesy, fragrant goodness.

  1. Shaggy’s Super-Duper Sandwich from The Scooby-Doo Show

While you probably spotted Shaggy gorging on dog food (think Scooby Snacks) along with Scooby in Scooby Doo, he simply adored his special super-duper sandwich. The legendary sandwich from the series was a towering behemoth that boasted of multiple layers of ham, lots of sliced cheese, fresh lettuce and tomato slices. Don’t forget the slathering of mustard and mayonnaise that made Shaggy’s sandwich extra juicy. Use this recipe to recreate the epic dish-

  1. Krabby Patty From SpongeBob SquarePants

The one dish that you probably saw SpongeBob crave was the mouth-watering Krabby Patty. If you’ve always secretly wanted to taste this dish from SpongeBob SquarePants, then read on. Although, the secret ingredient can only be guessed at, here’s how you can recreate it at home-

  1. Remy’s Omelette from Ratatouille

Although this was a movie rather than a TV series, the 2007 film has a huge audience worldwide. The minuscule chef Remy may have been famous for his Ratatouille but his culinary journey with Alfredo began with the very first dish he made, which was an omelette. So, here’s the recipe to the succulent golden omelette Remy cooked for a nourishing breakfast for Alfredo and himself.

  1. The 99 Cheese pizza from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 

Right from the animated show to the movie and then their stellar action figures, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles have gained widespread acclaim. Even though the original story of the Ninja Turtles was tweaked fairly, the Turtles still retain their everlasting love for pizza. Right from the special birthday pizza to each of the turtles having their special pizza made for them, the legend of these characters and their pies is awe-inspiring. But the 99 cheese pizza from the series is something every pizza lover must try.

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