Is Recipes for Love and Murder a binge-watch or weekly release? – Tricks and Tips

Is Recipes for Love and Murder a binge-watch or weekly release?

Maria Doyle Kennedy is front and center in Recipes for Love and Murder. Can we binge all the episodes in one setting on Acorn TV?

We get a chance to see Maria Doyle Kennedy in a role that isn’t usual. It’s humorous, and we best know her for roles in Kin and OutlanderRecipes for Love and Murder is certainly going to be a show you’ll want to check out.

The series debuts on Acorn TV tonight. Episodes are available by midnight PT on Monday, Sept. 5. The question now is whether you’ll be able to binge-watch the entire season or if you’ll need to wait for weekly episodes. How does Acorn TV manage its content?

Recipes for Love and Murder Season 1 release schedule

There is some bad news for the binge-watch fans. This series is getting a weekly release. However, it’s very much like some of Prime Video’s shows like The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel and Outer Range. The show will drop two episodes each week.

There are 10 episodes in total. That will take us through to Monday, Oct. 3. Here’s what the release schedule is going to look like:

Monday, Sept. 5: Episodes 1 and 2

Monday, Sept. 12: Episodes 3 and 4

Monday, Sept. 19: Episodes 5 and 6

Monday, Sept. 26: Episodes 7 and 8

Monday, Oct. 3: Episodes 9 and 10

Each episode will have a title. The titles of the first two episodes are “Bereft Woman” and “Sex Cake.”

During the first episode, we’ll be introduced to Marie, a recipe columnist who learns that the column will be discontinued. Maria is forced to compete with a rookie journalist Jessie for a new advice column instead. And yes, Maria is going to get a recipe in there.

We get the start of the murder mystery. One of the letters is from a woman with an abusive husband. Jessie lands upon a crime scene, and the two realize that everything is connected. When they decide to check out the crime scene, they end up messing a few things up for the local police.

Recipes for Love and Murder airs Mondays on Acorn TV. Don’t forget that Acorn TV is available via Amazon Channels.