Incredible Konkani style Raw Mango recipes to entice your palate – Tricks and Tips

National Mango Day 2022: Incredible Konkani style Raw Mango recipes to entice your palate

Mangoes certainly have a special place in every desi heart. After all, no summer is quite complete without relishing the king of all fruits in India. So, it is quite fitting that we celebrate National Mango Day on July 2022 to honor this fruit. An interesting facet of this tropical fruit is that it can be used to prepare a lot of savory dishes as well as desserts. Right from using ripe mango in a summer salad to using making delicious aamras, there are endless possibilities with this versatile fruit.

If you’re looking to make some offbeat dishes with this, then you should consider cooking with kairi or raw mango to whip up some authentic Konkani specialties. Here are some exciting ways to cook with it and make some savoury dishes that are a summer staple in Konkani homes.

  1. Amlechi Uddamethi or Raw Mango Curry

This dish is as traditional as it gets, for the Amlechi Uddamethi or a Raw Mango Curry prepared in Konkani kitchens. It essentially has a sweet and tangy flavor and although it does not use the usual tadka spices, it has an inimitable taste. As Uddamethi is derived from Udda meaning Urad Dal, methi meaning Fenugreek seeds, the core ingredients for the dish apart from Amli or Kairi are hinted at by its name. This dish is devoid of onion and garlic and is made on special occasions to serve with hot rice.

  1. Sweet and spicy Kairi Gojju

The tangy raw mango Gojju is an acquired taste for some, but once you savor this dish, you would want to include this sweet and spicy delight at every meal. It is usually served on the side of chapati along with your sabzi. Although some homes dish it up with warm rice or piping hot puris. Made with raw mangoes, this summer and monsoon delight is a sour treat.

  1. The Ambuli Pachadi or Tangy Raw Mango salad

An unusual salad, yet one that is sure to intrigue your palate, the Ambuli pachadi is a summer special. It gets a hint of sourness from the raw mango along with spicy flavor from green chillies. There’s also the addition of hing or asafoetida and coconut oil which elevates the flavor. Interestingly, this dish has a different moniker in Kannada, where it is called pachadi. 

  1. Ambya God Lonche or Semi-ripe Mango Sweet Pickle

Every Konkani home has their own variant of Kairi God Lonche. The recipe to this has likely been handed down from generation to generation with lots of love and mild improvements. For the uninitiated, just as kairi means raw mango, god refers to sweet and lonche means pickle in Konkani and that is how this tangy pickle got its name. Check out the recipe-

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