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How To Make Mango Bread In 5 Easy Steps; Try This Recipe Before The Season Ends

If we dread the blazing heat of the summer, we equally enjoy it because of some delicious seasonal fruits. Almost every day is spent wolfing down mangoes and now that the season is coming to an end, we want to make the most of the last leg of the mango produce. We have already tried several mango recipes, including shakes, ice creams, chutneys and even sabzi. Is there anything left? Yes! You cannot let go of the mango season without trying the soft and spongy mango bread. It is delicious, fruity and super easy to make at home. 

If there’s anything that the COVID-led lockdown taught us in past couple of years, it is that we can whip up anything with anything in our kitchen. If you followed the food trends, you must have witnessed the rise in the popularity of homemade banana bread in the recent past. If you too loved it, you’ll love mango bread even more.  

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Mango can be turned into various recipes.

Homemade Mango Bread Recipe I How To Make Mango Bread At Home 

Making mango bread is as easy as baking a regular cake. You just need a few baking essentials like baking powder, baking soda and vanilla essence. Combine all the ingredients with mango chunks, eggs, sugar and cinnamon powder. Also, we recommend adding raisins and almonds to amp it up with some crunch. In fact, if you are adding raisins, you may also skip adding sugar because mangoes and cinnamon will already sweeten it up. 

Click here for the step-by-step recipe of mango bread. 

One look at the recipe and you’ll know how incredibly easy it is to make mango bread at home. Try this recipe before mangoes go out of season. Believe us, you don’t wait to wait till next year to enjoy this delicious, sweet bread. You can wrap up the bread and store in an airtight container for up to a week in the refrigerator. 

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