How To Bake A Cake In Air-Fryer- Find Recipe Inside – Tricks and Tips

How To Bake A Cake In Air-Fryer- Find Recipe Inside

New home cooks always love to experiment with various recipes. But every home cook has a level of comfort with certain kinds of dishes. Some may be comfortable with savoury cooking and might not like baking and vice versa. So, if you happen to be one of those cooks who are not comfortable with baking, fret not; we have just what you need. Since baking requires a ton of measurements and techniques to cook properly, many of us might not be able to do that. And even if you achieve it, you might not have an oven to bake a cake properly. However, as kitchen technology changes, we have new ways to make a cake! And the latest recipe is to make a cake in the air fryer! Yes, you read that right!

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Air fryer is a kitchen appliance that comes in handy for all kinds of cooking. Whether you want to make snacks, sabzis, defrost something or even heat something- an air fryer can do it all! And did you know that you can also cook a whole cake in it!? However, if you do not know how to make a cake in the air fryer, we have just the recipe you need. With this trick, you can make a cake in no time! Check out the recipe below:

How To Bake A Cake In Air-Fryer

In a bowl, sift flour, sugar, cocoa powder, baking powder, baking soda, salt, and coffee powder. Then, in another bowl, add oil and water with some milk and vanilla essence. Mix it well. Add a whisked egg to this and mix again. Now slowly combine the wet and dry ingredients. Then take a cake mould and oil it. Pour the cake batter into it. Pre-heat the air fryer for 150 mins at 190 degrees Celsius. Now add the cake tin to the fryer and cook for additional 15 mins at the same temperature. Check the cake in the middle and cook.

Once done, take out the cake and let it come to room temperature. Then pour melted chocolate from the top.

For the full recipe of this yummy air fryer cake, click here.