From Vada Pav Fondue to Vada Pav Rolls, see offbeat recipes of this beloved street food – Tricks and Tips

From Vada Pav Fondue to Vada Pav Rolls, see offbeat recipes of this beloved street food

Although it started out as much loved speciality in Maharashtra, Vada pav has a lot of takers across the nation. The mere mention of the crispy batata vada tucked inside a soft pav with a side of fried green chillies and tantalizing chutney gets us salivating. The highlight of pocket-friendly street food in India, it is a favorite among students and even adults who just can’t get enough of the gram flour coated, batter fried treat. In fact, people have now experimented with classic to come up with intriguing ways to make this snack healthy or perhaps, tastier still. So, we bring you some exciting ways to cook this cult favorite dish in a way that’s seldom been done before.

  1. Vada Pav Fondue

Arguably, one of the best variants of this street food, is the fondue. Although a fondue is conventionally made with cheese, this recipe lets you create mini vada pav that have a besan chutney. If you are curious about the flavours of the chutney, it would be quite similar to the famous Pitla that is usually had with bhakri in Maharashtra. Check out the recipe to this preparation-

  1. Baked Vadapav Rolls

If you love Vada Pav but object to the vada being dunked in oil and deep fried, then this is the recipe for you. These vada pav rolls are baked to perfection and have the yummy aloo filling that keeps it true to tradition. At the same time, you can avoid all the calories and trans fats that come from drenching it in a vat of hot oil. Take a look.

  1. Chicken Vada Pav

Meat lovers who have been cursing their stars because of the fact that this dish is wholly vegetarian can now try this chicken variant to the fan favorite. Quite contrary to popular opinion, the addition of chicken and some aromatic desi spices only makes this better! It is ideal for a cold monsoon afternoon with some piping hot tea.

  1. Sweet potato baked Vada Pav with ragi and soya flour

If you wish to snack on your favorite street food while carrying absolutely no guilt, then try this recipe. The aloo is substituted with sweet potato, its healthier cousin and the besan is swapped with ragi and soya flour, which lends it lots of more nutrients and a unique flavor.

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