Food truck Shawarma Express offers authentic Middle Eastern recipes – Tricks and Tips

Food truck Shawarma Express offers authentic Middle Eastern recipes

For those who enjoy Middle Eastern cuisine or who want to expand their culinary horizons, there’s a new food truck in town: Shawarma Express. 

“We’re bringing grandma’s recipes from Palestine to the local community,” said Ashad Abdel, who owns Shawarma Express. “We wanted to keep everything authentic.”

Currently, the food truck’s limited menu features classic Middle Eastern foods. Its main dishes, which can be served as a sandwich or as an entree, include the shawarma sandwich wrap, which is made of chicken or beef that has been marinated in at least seven spices and cooked on a rotisserie spit; shish kabob, skewered pieces of beef that have been marinated in a variety of Middle Eastern spices and tenderized to perfection; and vegetable falafel, a deep-fried patty made of chickpeas, fava beans, parsley, and fresh herbs and spices.

Shawarma Express also serves a number of Middle Eastern sides such as freshly made hummus; tabouli, which combines bulgur wheat, tomatoes, and onions; and a variety of salads.

In the future, Abdel plans to add more Arabic foods and homemade desserts to the menu. Of course, baklava, that sweet, rich dessert made of phyllo pastrtry, chopped nuts, spices, and honey, will be one of the desserts the food truck will carry. 

Shawarma Express is the latest of Abdel’s business ventures. In 2021 he opened CB Seafood and Market, which stocks halal meats, locally sourced seafood as well as Middle Eastern sauces and spices, Hispanic products and produce. 

Since the food truck opened in Carolina Beach last month, business has been brisk, and Abdel hopes it will grow as more people become aware of it.

“We’ve lived in Wilmington for over two decades and have been embraced by the community,” Abdel said. “We wanted to introduce new food options to the community and meet its needs when it comes to authentic Middle Eastern food.”

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