Easy Fruit Cocktails – Best Fruity Cocktail Recipes – Tricks and Tips

Easy Fruit Cocktails - Best Fruity Cocktail Recipes

Any hour can be a happy hour when you really think about it. And it doesn’t get any happier than all of these fruity cocktail drinks. Whether you want something sweet-tart, like a layered ombre lemonade drop, or something to spice up your routine, like a salt and spiced watermelon margarita, we guarantee all of these cocktails will go down maybe too easily.

The fruitiest cocktail of them all? Sangria, naturally. We love how it takes a hum drum bottle of wine and, with just a few additions, becomes a true party starter. Our classic red sangria is perfect for customizing, and we also love how festive our rainbow sangria makes for a signature cocktail.

Fruity cocktails are ideal for when you don’t want to taste the burn of alcohol, but still want a solid buzz. Our favorite fruity, can-barely-taste-the-alcohol classics are usually frosty daiquiris. Try our frozen strawberry daiquiris, lemon blueberry daiquiris, or piña colada, and you’ll be feeling drunk in love in no time.

Want to mix up your margarita routine? There’s so many amazing margaritas that go way beyond lime as their star ingredient. Whether you go with our peach margarita, pineapple margarita, blueberry lemonade margarita, or frozen watermelon margarita, you’ll never go back to just a regular margarita.

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