Disney Dreamlight Valley crudites and fish sandwich recipes – Tricks and Tips

Disney Dreamlight Valley crudites and fish sandwich recipes

Disney Dreamlight Valley crudites are crucial to rescuing Minnie from the Forgetting, as is the fish sandwich recipe – apparently raw vegetables and fried fish are good in a crisis. While this is predominantly a life sim and our Dreamlight Valley guide for beginners can help with that aspect, there’s an important story at hand too in this Disney game, as some familiar faces have been lost to the Forgetting.

As you get to know Mickey better through the Missing Minnie quest, you learn that he’s missing his sweetheart and it’s up to you to cheer him up by doing one of Minnie’s favourite things – having a picnic. Any good picnic needs good food, so you must rustle up two of the cute mouse’s favourites: crudites and fish sandwiches. Mickey won’t just give you the recipe though, you’ll have to figure it out yourself – just like the Disney Dreamlight Valley ratatouille recipe. If you’re struggling, here’s how to make Disney Dreamlight Valley crudites and fish sandwiches.

How to make crudites

The Disney Dreamlight Valley crudites recipe is incredibly simple in that it only has one ingredient, but it’s easy to accidentally use the wrong ingredient. Get it wrong and you’ll end up with grilled vegetables instead of crudites.

The best way to remember which vegetables you can use for crudites is knowing what it even is. Perfect for a picnic, crudites are a very simple dish made of raw vegetables and a dip. Grilled vegetables are of course cooked, so a vague way to remember the two recipes is that vegetables that can be eaten raw will result in crudites, while those that should be cooked will give you the grilled vegetable dish. Here are all of the vegetables you can use for crudites, but remember you only need to use one.

Crudite ingredients:

  • Carrot
  • Zucchini
  • Bell Pepper
  • Cucumber

Remember, only cook one single ingredient from the list above, as combining or multiplying them could result in other dishes.

Use any of the below ingredients, and you’ll wind up with grilled vegetables in your inventory instead.

Grilled vegetables ingredients:

Just to confuse what should otherwise be a very simple challenge even further, there are some exceptions to the rule above. Cooking a tomato (yes, it’s technically a fruit) unlocks the tomato soup recipe, while a lettuce results in a salad. Again, they’re all fairly self-explanatory once you consider the real-life dishes themselves.

How to make a fish sandwich

Thankfully, the fish sandwich recipe in Disney Dreamlight Valley is considerably easier, as you’ll simply need fish and bread. Since bread isn’t actually an item in the game, you’ll use wheat. That’s it, no crudite complexities. To confirm, all you need to unlock the fish sandwich recipe is:

For the Missing Minnie challenge, you’ll need five crudites and two fish sandwiches, so remember to make multiples. These must be done separately though, so don’t put all five vegetables in at once for the crudites, you must prepare them one at a time.

Now you can add crudites and fish sandwiches to your Dreamlight Valley recipes, you’ll have Mickey back to his normal self in no time – and be on your way to bringing Minnie home. Ursula is another Dreamlight Valley character you’ll need to rescue from the dark magic of The Forgetting, by completing the Mystical Cave riddles and returning Dazzle Beach to its former glory.