Delicious And Quick Recipes That Are Perfect For Lunch – Tricks and Tips

Delicious And Quick Recipes That Are Perfect For Lunch

When it comes to our lifestyle, we are always on the go! While we love bingeing on good food, sometimes with a hectic schedule, it gets difficult but at the same time, we definitely do not want to miss out on nutritious and delectable dishes. Hence, we need options which are quick, healthy and filling at the same time. Whether you love wraps or just simple rice as lunch, we have got you covered with the literal best recipes which are perfect to make for a filling lunch. And to help you with it, here are some amazing options to try out for lunch!

Try Out These Recipes Now

1.Egg Masala

One of the easiest and most delectable recipes, egg masala or egg curry is the best way to make your lunch a memorable affair. For this super simple recipe, all you need is some boiled eggs, a tomato-onion curry, coriander, chillies and some spices. You can make it your way as per your taste!

2. Paneer-Spinach Paratha

Parathas happen to be a staple food for almost each one of us and sometimes when you are running late or just want to make something quickly, these parathas are perfect. For this recipe all you need to do is blend the spinach after washing nicely and knead it with flour and make a dough. Then make a paneer stuffing as per your taste and use that during the making.

3. Masala Khichdi

Masala Khichdi is another quick and filling recipe that you can try out literally any day. For this simple recipe, all you need is some finely chopped onions, tomatoes, chillies and any other vegetable that you like. Soak some moong dal and rice separately. Now use a pressure cooker to saute the vegetables, add some spices and then add the soaked dal and rice and then add water accordingly. After one or two whistles, turn off the gas.



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