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Cookie wars: Crumbl Cookies claims whistleblower told them smaller cookie companies Crave and Dirty Dough stole their recipes

Crumbl Cookies has released a statement standing by its lawsuit against two smaller competitors for alleged trademark infringement.

“Crumbl is committed to protecting its brand, customers, employees and the thousands of entrepreneurs who have poured their souls into making Crumbl what it is today,” the company said. “We trust the courts and the legal process and feel confident that even more truth will come to light.”

The company, which has more than 530 locations nationwide, filed two separate lawsuits in May against Crave Cookies and Dirty Dough, saying that the other companies’ marketing and business model was “confusingly similar” to Crumbl’s.

The lawsuit against Crave alleges that its founder, Trent English, had applied to become a Crumbl franchisee but was denied; English has denied this, ABC4 reported.

Crumbl also alleged in its lawsuit against Dirty Dough that the founder of the smaller company was a former employee of Crumbl, which Dirty Dough has also denied.

Bennett Maxwell, Dirty Dough’s founder, wrote in a post on LinkedIn that the allegations were “baseless and untrue.”

“A billion-dollar company suing two start ups. Why? Because apparently if you put sprinkles on your cookies, Crumbl thinks they own that,” Maxwell wrote. “Watch out Grandma, you better throw away those sprinkles or you will be Crumbl’s next victim.”

In another post, Maxwell shared mockups of billboards for Dirty Dough parodying the lawsuit, with slogans like “Let your taste buds be the judge,” “Cookies so good we’re being sued” and “Our cookies don’t crumble with competition.”

Crumbl reiterated its stance in its statement Thursday that both defendants have “unique ties” to Crumbl, despite their statements otherwise.

“One of the defendant’s brothers, who we also believe was involved in the defendant’s business, was a former corporate employee of Crumbl who had access to our recipes, schematics, processes and other proprietary information,” the company said. “We have recently been told by a whistleblower, with insider knowledge, that the defendant misappropriated this information.”

Crumbl has seven locations in Massachusetts, in Attleboro, Hanover, Medford, Methuen, Millbury, Saugus and Woburn.

Crave Cookies has three locations in Utah, while Dirty Dough has four locations in that state.

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