Comparing the Top Android Apps for Healthy Cooking – Tricks and Tips

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If you’re not following a healthy diet then you’re missing out on some amazing benefits, including more energy, a better mood, and strong bones. Making the switch to a healthier diet might seem easy—just replace a couple of bad foods and eat more salads—but the change can be difficult.

There’s always the risk you’ll give up without the help of an app to make healthy eating simple and convenient. Two of the most popular options on Android are FitMenCook and Healthy Recipes, but which app is best for you if you need a hand cooking healthier meals?

Overview of FitMenCook

Created by Kevin Curry, FitMenCook is an easy-to-use app that includes a huge collection of more than 900 recipes. The app’s interface is painless to use with easy-to-prepare dishes, which makes it perfect for newbie cooks. Alternatively, even self-proclaimed chefs can enjoy the recipes due to their creativity and originality. But what makes FitMenCook the best app for health-conscious recipes? Find out more about the app’s key features and how it aims to make a healthy diet achievable.

Download: FitMenCook for iOS | Android (Free, in-app purchases available)

1. FitMenCook Recipe Library

For a lot of people, eating healthy meals means bland and unappetizing food. Yet, with hundreds of recipes, FitMenCook is there to help you out when you need help finding something healthy and mouth-watering to eat. FitMenCook’s recipe library is conveniently categorized by ingredients, fitness goals, and dietary restrictions.

As an example, it’s a great app for keto recipes, vegan dishes, and delicious low-carb recipes. Moreover, you can search for a specific ingredient by typing it into the search bar. Each recipe includes a breakdown of nutritional information like calories, fat, and sugar, which makes healthy eating a breeze.

2. FitMenCook Shopping List

Finding a healthy recipe to try is easy using FitMenCook, but so is getting your grocery shopping done! The shopping list feature is organized by either aisle or recipe, and it can make shopping for healthy meals simpler. To use the shopping list feature, all you have to do is select a recipe and tap Add ingredients to shopping.

Tapping each item off the shopping list as you go through the grocery store aisles is a great way to keep track of what you’re buying. Sadly, the free version of the FitMenCook app only allows you to add one recipe to your shopping list. However, you can upgrade to the premium version of the app to add multiple recipes.

3. Meal Prep With FitMenCook

It is much easier to eat healthy when you prep your meals ahead of time. According to a study in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine, planning your meals can help you adhere to nutritional guidelines. Even so, meal prep can take a bit of planning to get it right. Fortunately, the FitMenCook app can help you set yourself up for success.

Whether you’re an expert or a beginner in the kitchen, FitMenCook’s meal prep recipes provide plenty of variety. To narrow down your meal prep recipe search, add filters such as low-carb or vegan ingredients.

Overview of the Healthy Recipes App

Although it might seem basic, the Healthy Recipes app is your comprehensive guide to a healthier diet. Healthy Recipes offers a massive collection of thousands of recipes to browse, from snacks and juices to desserts and dinners. Furthermore, the app makes it easy to search for recipes, save them to favorites, share them with others, and even leave a review.

Overall, Healthy Recipes is a great app for beginners in the kitchen, but is it the best resource for healthy recipes? Below are some of the best features that the app has to offer.

Download: Healthy Recipes for Android (Free, subscription available)

1. Recipe Library

The Healthy Recipe’s recipe library is huge, even bigger than FitMenCook’s. The recipes are so plentiful that it can be a bit overwhelming at times to choose between them. If you’re not sure of where to begin, start with the Home tab and take a look at the categories called Most Loved Recipes and Stay Healthy.

You can save, share, print, or add ingredients to your shopping list once you’ve found a dish you want to try. In addition, each recipe provides you with basic instructions and a breakdown of the nutritional facts.

2. Healthy Recipes Shopping List

Whether you want to have a go at making healthy pancakes or healthy burgers, it always helps to have a detailed shopping list. The Healthy Recipes app also provides a convenient shopping list feature. Unfortunately, compared to the FitMenCook app’s shopping list, this app’s feature is a little lacking.

For example, there is no option to organize the list by aisle, which can make grocery shopping a bit more time-consuming. The highlight of Healthy Recipe’s list is that you can add extra ingredients manually in addition to ticking off each item as you go.

3. Smart Recipe Finder

One of the most outstanding features of the Healthy Recipes app is the Smart Recipe Finder. For those of you who are looking to save money and avoid picking up groceries, this feature will be extremely valuable. Using the Smart Recipe Finder is straightforward: just select the ingredients that you have available in your pantry or fridge and let the app do the rest.

This feature generates recipes based on what ingredients you have on hand at home. Not only does this cut down on food waste, but it helps you create budget-friendly and healthy dishes instead of opting to order takeout.

How Much Do These Android Apps Cost?

Both of these healthy eating apps offer free versions and paid upgrades. The Healthy Recipes app is free to download, but there is a premium subscription that you can pay for either monthly or annually. Luckily, there is a free three-day trial, so you can try out the full version of the app before you commit to paying for it. Subscribing to the app would be your best option, as the ads on the app are frequent and can get bothersome at times.

In contrast, FitMenCook offers a one-time fee to upgrade and unlock all features. The app is free to download, but using the features with limited access is not the best experience. If you want to get the most out of the app’s recipe collection and other capabilities, it’s worth considering paying the small fee.

Which Healthy Recipes Android App Should You Download?

FitMenCook is the ultimate cooking app. It provides basic, practical, and well-organized healthy recipes, and you don’t need to be a professional in the kitchen to make the dishes successfully. It’s well-designed and easy to navigate. Overall, FitMenCook provides better features at a lower price than the Healthy Recipes app.