Classic Chicken Tenders Recipe – Tricks and Tips

Classic Chicken Tenders Recipe

To make these chicken tenders, you can either use pre-cut store-bought tenders, or purchase boneless, skinless chicken breasts and slice them into tenders yourself. While Ngo purchased the former kind, he does say that when you slice your own, “Cutting them into tenders yourself gives you control on how big or small the chicken tenders will be.” However, if you go this route, he notes that you should cut them all into roughly the same shape and size to ensure they’ll have similar frying times. 

In addition to the chicken, you’ll also need buttermilk to marinate the chicken tenders. And for the crunchy coating, you’ll be using flour mixed with seasoned salt (Ngo tells us “I used Lawry’s”). Finally, you’ll also need vegetable oil for frying.