Classic Aperol Spritz Recipe – Tricks and Tips

Classic Aperol Spritz Recipe

You can garnish this drink with either olives or orange slices. That said, if you go with olives, that’s Shelbert’s “secret ingredient.” 

“Aperol spritzes are commonly garnished with orange slices, but I opted for green olives here,” Shelbert explains. “Not only is the color contrast pretty, but adding another flavor profile — the saltiness from the olives — makes it more unexpected and complex.”

If you’re looking for food to serve this beverage with, Shelbert gives some wonderful suggestions. “When I think of sipping on an Aperol spritz, I immediately think of salty, savory nibbles to offset the sweetness of the spritz,” she shares. “Marcona almonds, crostini, charcuterie, and vegetable crudités come to mind as delicious pairing ideas.”