Best Tortellini Recipes – Easy Tortellini Recipes And Ideas – Tricks and Tips

Best Tortellini Recipes - Easy Tortellini Recipes And Ideas

We’re clearly very into pasta here at Delish—classic spaghetti and meatballs, trendy baked feta pasta, super creative miso bolognese, even simple buttered noodles…we love them all! Our favorite way to take them over the top is to stuff them (a la our cheese manicotti or spinach stuffed shells), and you can’t beat store-bought tortellini for convenience, flavor, and, surprisingly, versatility. They’re great for last-minute appetizers, ever-popular pasta salads, easy weeknight dinners, and the most comforting of soups. Check out our best tortellini recipes for ideas—we bet you’ll pick up a pack or two to keep in your cabinet or freezer from now on.

When you think of tortellini, you might think of the little ring-shaped pasta (Italian rumors say the shape is based on the goddess Venus’ belly-button 😉) stuffed with meat or cheese and falling under the same umbrella as ravioli or wontons. You’d be half right: Technically tortellini are smaller stuffed pastas traditionally stuffed with meat, while tortellino are larger and usually filled with cheese. These definitions have gotten muddled, and you’ll find both shelf stable and refrigerated/frozen options labeled as both. Pretty much all of them will work here, so try out different brands to find your favorites.

Then get to cooking! Most brands of tortellini will cook in less than 10 minutes, so you can have a meal on the table, FAST. Try our Asiago tortellini, our cheese tortellini with peas and bacon, or our ham & cheese tortellini (super kid-friendly!) for an easy dinner everyone will love. Looking for something potluck-worthy? Try our Greek tortellini salad, our Bolognese baked tortellini, our Tuscan tortellini salad, or our spinach artichoke tortellini bake—be prepared to hand out the recipes. Need a quick appetizer, like yesterday? Try our Parmesan “fried” tortellini, our antipasto bites, or our oven fried tortellini—you can get them out to a hungry crowd in no time. Craving soup, but don’t have hours for prep? Try our Tuscan tortellini soup, our creamy Parm tomato soup, or our spinach tortellini soup—they all come together in less than an hour!

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