Best Thanksgiving Casserole Recipes – Easy Thanksgiving Casseroles – Tricks and Tips

Best Thanksgiving Casserole Recipes - Easy Thanksgiving Casseroles

When you think of casseroles for Thanksgiving, we bet you imagine the two famous ones: green bean casserole and sweet potato casserole. We’re here to tell you, there are SO many more casserole options to fill your table with this holiday season. It’s true, for a lot of people, it wouldn’t be Thanksgiving without the OGs, so we’d never suggest you ditch them for alternatives. However, if you’re having a BIG meal, or just want to change up your leftovers game, we definitely recommend diversifying a bit. These casseroles are comforting, relatively easy to throw together, and most can even be made ahead of time (gotta love that!). Check out our 26 Thanksgiving casseroles for ideas.

Let’s start with the classics. We’ve got 5(!) recipes for green bean casserole here—everything from a vegan version to one that’s loaded with bacon and cheese (what can we say, we’ve got layers). We’ve also got 4(!) sweet potato casserole options—something for everyone, whether you like marshmallows, pecans, or prefer something savory.

Looking to change it up? We’ve got a variety of other casseroles that would be just as at home on your Thanksgiving table. Check out our harvest chicken casserole, our butternut squash casserole, or our classic corn casserole. We’ve also included a few casseroles great for using up Thanksgiving leftovers, like our chicken stuffing casserole or our turkey casserole. They’re a great way to give your leftovers new life.

When you’re focused on the big dinner, it can be easy to forget to eat the other two meals of the day. To avoid midday hanger pains (decidedly not a good idea when family’s around 😂), we’ve included a few easy breakfast casseroles too. Check out our breakfast strata, our keto breakfast casserole, and our egg and hash brown casserole too. Prep them the night before, and pop them in the oven first thing. Hot tip: Make them in a foil dish so you can save all your nice casserole dishes for the main event.

Want more Thanksgiving inspiration? Check out our favorite appetizers, sides, and pies too.