Best healthy breakfast recipes for seniors – Tricks and Tips

Best healthy breakfast recipes for seniors – Tricks and Tips

Breakfast may be the most important meal of the day, but the evolving appetites of older adults – combined with common limitations, such as swallowing issues, taste changes and chewing problems – create a challenging task for a caregiver in the kitchen each morning.

Registered dietitian Elise Deming, MS, RDN, created some appetizing and nutritious breakfast recipes with seniors in mind—to help your loved one start the day on the right foot with a healthy breakfast and give you, the caregiver, a few more options to ease your daily responsibilities.

Explore the healthy breakfast ideas below to find choices that add needed protein to keep them full, and serve as a good source of calcium, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. And you can rest easy knowing you’re offering healthy foods to your loved one each morning.

Among popular breakfast foods, oatmeal is always a nutritious way to start the day, and this slow cooker recipe takes it up a notch—with added vanilla, cinnamon and honey, plus carrots for added nutrition! Plus, the soluble fiber helps with cholesterol and may help prevent heart disease!

If your loved one has lost their appetite or are experiencing muscle wasting, this protein-rich easy breakfast will give them the calories (and the nutrients) they need.

sweet simple yogurt parfait for seniors

Easy, delicious, packed with nutrition—this simple breakfast option (that’s also a great snack) takes only a few minutes to make and include fresh fruit like mangoes and raspberries (or switch them out with blueberries), granola and Greek yogurt!

Christmas Breakfast Egg Skillet

Rich in protein and full of flavor with bell peppers and asparagus, this egg skillet isn’t just some boring omelet but instead is a great option for older adults with chewing issues, taste decline or a loss of appetite (possibly from a medication, illness or chemotherapy treatment).

Thanksgiving turkey bake

Think turkey can’t be for breakfast? Think again. This protein-rich meal will keep your aging loved one full throughout the day, while working to maintain muscle, Plus, it’s another healthy breakfast recipe that’s great for those with chewing issues—and makes for great leftovers!