Best food buff, Mia’s Kitchen and unlocking recipes – Tricks and Tips

Tower of Fantasy Mia's Kitchen food buff

There are different ways to get buffs in Tower of Fantasy. There’s cooking, Mia’s Kitchen, and rewards you get from tasks and side-quests.

Tower of Fantasy has a wide selection of food, and corresponding buff players can use. It ranges from buffs in attack, defense, health recovery, and satiety food. It may be a small portion of the game, but if a player does not pay enough attention to the food section, they may end up not fully immersed in the world of Aida.

From gathering ingredients and unlocking the recipes to knowing which food groups would be best depending on your role in the team, many tasks can be completed if you pay attention to the food section of the game.

The map has different ingredients scattered around it. There are those endemic to a specific region, while ingredients can be seen in almost any part of the world. Of course, there are ingredients that you will only be able to purchase in stores, such as mustard. Aside from getting Achievement points and dark crystals that you can use to purchase items in the Commissary, there are many reasons why you should stop and take time to gather resources.

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Mia’s Kitchen and the food buffs

Once you start getting the hang of it, your gameplay will always start with a certain routine. For example, some players prefer to get food buffs from Mia’s Kitchen, then proceed with team combat tasks like Joint Operation. By doing so, you can maximize the different buffs you get and allow your Vitality to recover. Here are the steps to get to Mia’s Kitchen.

Go to the Adventure section of the menu on the upper left of your main page, then go to the Recommended tab. The fourth option is Mia’s Kitchen. You can do that three times a day. This daily refreshes every 05:00, 12:00, and 18:00 (Server Time). Rewards include a random amount of gold, weapon battery II, and matrix data pack II. Of course, this includes the three buffs you get from Mia after you taste her cooking. The buff lasts for thirty minutes.

Mia’s Kitchen can be unlocked after completing the Main Story, Chapters 1-5. It is important to start your routine with these food buffs, especially since they are also part of your weekly activity counter in the Adventure menu. Additionally, using Mia’s Kitchen can randomly be an event you need to complete in the Crew Missions.

Tower of Fantasy Cooker How to findTower of Fantasy Cooker How to find
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How to unlock recipes

There are many recipes that the Wanderer can get after completing side quests and certain events in the game. However, before you can unlock recipes, you will need to know how to cook. Cooking in-game will require you to gather resources. The resources spawn randomly in the same spot on the map and are often clustered together.

After completing the cooking orientation from Shirli at the start of the game, you will find the Cooker scattered across the map. If you prefer teleporting to the nearest Cooker, you can use the Spacerift: Northern Ring Ranges in Astra. There is a Cooker just beside the Spacerift. It looks like a big cooking pot with a yellow smiling face in front; you can’t miss it.

One thing that was not taught explicitly by the game is the “perfect recipe”. you will need 15 repetitions of the same food to get this. You will need to do the same dish repeatedly and not just do it all at one cooking. It takes about five seconds every time you cook a recipe.

The simplest way to get recipes is by going to stores and buying them there. After buying the recipe, you will still need to go to your backpack and unlock it from there so that the recipe can appear on your menu once you are on the cooking screen. Most recipes will not be more than 5000 gold each. Other recipes can be obtained from side quests, like Patty, who can be found at the shores of Banges.

Tower of Fantasy Cooker Creation RecipeTower of Fantasy Cooker Creation Recipe
Credits: Hotta Studios, The Click

HP recovery, attack and defense buffs, and endurance recovery

Once you activate the Cooker, you will be given the option to cook food that is preset to your recipe book. On the lower right section, click Creation. This option will allow you to create your recipe. For the following recipe, make sure to include rare ingredients (the ones with the purple background) to increase your Success Rate. The Success Rate can be seen in the upper right of the Cooker.

Also, make sure to check the Cooking Info on the upper right side of the screen. It will give you dark crystals for unlocking certain recipes. Go through all the recipes in Bakes, Main, Soup, and Drink section. The rest of the recipes you are yet to unlock are tagged as Unmastered.

Here are some recipes you can make depending on what role and buff you want during solo or team fights.

Health Points Recovery

Nut Tea

  • Hazelnut x1 – found in the Navia region
  • Pinecone x2 – found in the Warren region, near the pine trees
  • Honey x2 – scatter across the map, destroy beehives or kill bees

Caterpillar Fungus Noodles

  • Caterpillar Fungus x1 – found in the Warren region
  • Brown Rice x3 – found in the Navia region, in the grasslands

Endurance Recovery

Snow Lotus Soup

  • Snow Lotus x1 – found in the Warren region
  • Honey x2 – scatter across the map, destroy beehives or kill bees


Attack Buffs

Purple Yam Pie

  • Purple Yam x1 – found in the Warren region
  • Brown Rice x3 – found in the Navia region, in the grasslands

Truffle Fried Rice

  • Black Truffle x1 – found in the Warren region
  • Onion x1 – buy at food vendors
  • Rice x2 – buy at food vendors

Steak with Mushroom Sauce

  • Prime Cut x1 – obtained after defeating wild animals
  • Firecap x3 – found in the Crown region

Salmon Sashimi

  • Lake Bass x1 – found in the Warren region; often in rivers or small bodies of water

Defense Buffs

Snail Baked Rice

  • Carrion Snail x1 -found in the Navia region; seashore
  • Rice x2 – buy at food vendors

Juicy Meat Sandwich

  • Fatty Cut x1 – obtained after defeating wild animals
  • Brown Rice x2 – found in the Navia region, in the grasslands
  • Poultry Egg x2 – found at the top of buildings or mountains

Always check the number of ingredients you have left as you may have to go to the vendor or go to certain regions just to get the needed ingredients to cook the dish. If you fail to cook the recipe properly, you will get an Awful Stew, which does appear in your backpack.

Tower of Fantasy is available now on PC, iOS, and Android.