Best Dark and Stormy Recipe – Tricks and Tips

Best Dark and Stormy Recipe

If the words “Dark and Stormy” don’t sound ideal for a summer day, then put this delicious recipe on the must-make cocktail list! The perfect balance of tart, boozy, and sweet, a cold Dark and Stormy Cocktail is the perfect drink to have in hand while grilling for a cookout.

What’s in a Dark and Stormy cocktail?

Allegedly, this drink earned its name from a sailor who remarked that it resembled the color of looming storm clouds on the high seas. The Dark and Stormy is traditionally made with rum, lime juice, and ginger beer. Rum is made from sugar cane, so it’s naturally sweet; lime juice cuts through that rich sweetness, along with ginger beer, which gives this drink a spicy kick.

What’s the difference between ginger ale and ginger beer?

Old-school ginger beers were fermented and lightly alcoholic; they owed their fizz to natural fermentation, unlike ginger ales, which are carbonated. Most commercially available ginger beers these days are non-alcoholic, but have a spicier and more fresh ginger flavor than ginger ales. If ginger beer is unavailable, ginger ale can be substituted in a pinch.

What kind of rum is used for Dark and Stormy cocktails?

Traditionally (and also legally!) Dark and Stormy Cocktails are made with Gosling’s Black Seal Rum. The company purchased the rights to the cocktail back in the 1990’s, so it’s the official rum in this drink. However, feel free to use any rum you like, but a dark rum is best for this recipe. If you love ginger but want a mocktail that’s alcohol-free, try a Sparkling Ginger Lemonade!

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