Best Cowboy Caviar Recipe – How to Make Cowboy Caviar – Tricks and Tips

Best Cowboy Caviar Recipe - How to Make Cowboy Caviar

Cowboy caviar, also known as Texas caviar, is not just another salsa! It’s brimming with color, texture, and flavor from an array of fresh vegetables, and full of protein from both black eyed peas and black beans. Call it a salsa, a salad, an appetizer, or a vegetable side dish—it’s the perfect year-round potluck dish that will make everyone giddy up and eat!

What is cowboy caviar made of?

Everyone has their own take on Texas or cowboy caviar. For this recipe, we use a mix of black beans and black-eyed peas for color and flavor. Tomatoes, bell pepper, onion and sometimes even corn are commonly added. Jalapeño pepper adds spice while cilantro keeps things fresh. We’ve dressed it with red wine vinegar, olive oil and added a little Worcestershire sauce for saltiness and depth. Some recipes use bottled Italian salad dressing. When going that route, substitute about 1/3 cup of dressing in place of the olive oil, vinegar, and Worcestershire and decrease the salt and pepper slightly.  

What does cowboy caviar taste like?

Like a cross between pico de gallo and black bean salsa, cowboy caviar is bright, fresh and full of crunch. Eat it with chips or serve it as a side dish on a summer cook-out menu.  

Is cowboy caviar spicy?

This is up to you! This recipe calls for one chopped jalapeño, which when leaving the seeds and white flesh intact, adds a little spice to the dish. If you like it just a little spicy, remove the seeds. Don’t like spice at all? Skip the jalapeño completely. 

How long does cowboy caviar last in the refrigerator?

Cowboy caviar can be made up to 2 days in advance and refrigerated until ready to serve. It is fine to hold even longer, but the vegetables will start to lose their crunch. Pro tip: Add the cilantro right before serving in order to keep it bright and fresh.