Best Chia Seed Recipes – Easy Ideas For Chia Seeds – Tricks and Tips

Best Chia Seed Recipes - Easy Ideas For Chia Seeds

Have a bag of chia seeds sitting in your cabinet, perhaps from a Trader Joe’s impulse purchase (we’ve all done it) or an ill-advised TikTok trend? Don’t let them languish in your kitchen untouched. Instead make one of these 15 chia seed recipes—you might be surprised at their versatility.

What are chia seeds? Chia seeds are the edible seeds of a South/Meso-American plant in the mint family that has been around for thousands of years. Though the plants themselves have largely been relegated to novelty gifts (yep, we’re talking chia pets), the seeds themselves have been growing in popularity for years. They’re touted as a superfood, and we have to agree (the Aztec warriors who ate them weren’t wrong!). They’re super-high in fiber, antioxidants, and plant-based omega-3s. They’re also FULL of protein and calcium, making them vital parts of any healthy diet, but especially keto and vegan ones.

What should I make with them? Another fun fact about chia seeds is that they are what is called “hydrophilic,” which means they can soak up to 12 times their weight in liquid. When you soak chia seeds in milk or water, they’ll become gelatinous, making them perfect as a replacement for real gelatin or eggs in recipes like chia pudding, chia jam, overnight oats, and even vegan meatballs. Because they pack such a big punch in a little package, chia seeds are also great to throw into anything you might want to add extra nutrients to, like our keto cereal, our peanut butter protein balls, or our perfect green smoothie. Try sprinkling them into your next batch of granola, cookies, or muffins for yummy added crunch and health.