Best Burrata Recipes – What to Make With Burrata Cheese – Tricks and Tips

Best Burrata Recipes - What to Make With Burrata Cheese

Can we just take a moment to appreciate the cheesy wonder that is burrata? Mozzarella gets a lot of attention (and for good reason), but lately we’ve been totally taken by mozz’s ever-so-luscious, creamy cousin. Whether we burrata it into our pasta dishes, salad, or simply digging in with toasted baguette, burrata makes any weeknight dinner all the more luxurious.

First things first: What exactly is burrata, you ask? It’s a soft, fresh Italian cheese that’s a relatively new cheese on the block, so to speak. With a soft shell actually made out of mozzarella, burrata is then stretched and filled with a rich mixture of ultra-buttery, fresh cheese curds and cream. The word burrata actually stems from the Italian word for “butter,” and that’s exactly what you’ll taste once you dig into this creamy, lush cheese. You can use these two cheeses pretty interchangeably, and we love swapping in burrata for an added layer of decadence to our Caprese salads in the summertime. It also makes an incredible addition to a charcuterie board or served with fruit.

Now that you’ve met this amazingly decadent Italian cheese, you can get to cooking! Burrata is one of our all-time favorite easy toppers for so many dishes. Add it to our gazpacho and burrata, creamy tomato pasta with burrata, or even just some juicy heirloom tomatoes for our burrata salad, and you might never go back to regular mozzarella. And if you love sheet-pan dinners as much as we do (and we really, really love them), you’ll love our sheet-pan burrata Caprese gnocchi.