All Meal Recipes (& What They Do) – Tricks and Tips

Riku and Manana in promotional artwork for Xenoblade Chronicles 3.

Meals can grant all sorts of bonuses in Xenoblade Chronicles 3. These include extra experience points and class points to relieve grinding. This makes food especially useful when fighting powerful bosses and other unique monsters.

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 runs on a day-night cycle which makes it important to complete tasks in real-time. Nearly every meal only lasts for an hour or less, making it important to stop and cook often. Rest stops and canteens are also required locations to advance both the main story and side quests.


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Ordering meals at Colonies is available from the start of Xenoblade Chronicles 3. However, cooking at camp is later introduced during a story’s cutscene. Afterward, Manana will be able to make custom meals no matter where the party is located.

Food Stats in Xenoblade Chronicles 3

Manana can learn new recipes found across parts of Aionios. Players will need to travel to a Xenoblade Chronicles 3 canteen and sample an original meal for a fee. Most colonies only serve one dish, while larger ones may have several options. Manana will have her own spin on a meal, possibly renaming it something different when personally cooked by her, for example, Acqua Pazza al la City becomes Cerise Caprice Acqua Pazza.

Some of these will even have a slightly boosted effect or duration when made at Xenoblade Chronicles 3 camp vs the town canteen it was acquired from. However, there will be no option to pay gold directly. Instead, players will need to use their reserve of Nopon Coins or any spare ingredients they have found while traveling.

Meal Location Effect Duration Price
Battle Soup Automatic Story Quest +5% Experience Boost, +5% CP Boost 49 Minutes N/A
Baked Spongy Spud Colony 9 +20% Collectable Boost 45 Minutes 1000 g
Yapolta Veggie Beans Colony 9 +20% CP Boost 30 Minutes 800 g
Meat and Veggie Leclati Colony Gamma +20% Gold Boost 52 Minutes 900 g
Mixed Veggie Torpedo Colony 4 +15% Gold Boost 37 Minutes 500 g
Riverbird Crispygrill Colony Iota +30% Gold Boost 45 Minutes 1400 g
Maktha Ever Greens Colony Tau +30% Enemy Drop 52 Minutes 1100 g
Fish Fillet Toastie Colony 30 +20% Enemy Drop Bonus 52 Minutes 700 g
Redfish Grillwrap Colony Lambda +20% Experience Boost 37 Minutes 1000 g
Mild Game Stew Colony 11 +30% CP Boost 30 Minutes 1300 g
Pon Fried Croquettes Colony Mu +40% Gold Boost 45 Minutes 1800 g
Sunny Style Fish Pie Colony Mu +40% Collectable Boost 75 Minutes 1500 g
Nutritious Block Bar Li Garte Prison Camp Canteen +40% Enemy Drop Boost 52 Minutes 1500 g
Whole Wild Lobster City’s Michiba Canteen +10% Experience Boost, +10% CP Boost, +10% Gold Boost 45 Minutes 1700 g
Acqua Pazza a la City City’s Michiba Canteen +25% Experience Boost 37 Minutes 1500 g
Erythia Sashimi Ascension Grounds Break Room +40% CP Boost 30 Minutes 1800 g

Meals are useful while exploring the vast world of Xenoblade Chronicles 3. However, experience points are already bountiful and there is very little to spend money on. While it is a good idea to go to rest stops during side quests, it becomes slightly less practical to constantly backtrack while pursuing the main story. In those cases, players should keep moving forward and switch to cooking as campsites come up.

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