75 Short Bible Verses to Memorize – Tricks and Tips

75 Short Bible Verses to Memorize

When searching for comfort, we typically look to comfort foods to fill our stomachs. But to gain true comfort, we should be feeding on something else entirely. Food for the soul! How do we do that? We consume the words of God and meditate on them. The more scriptures that you can memorize, the more empowered you will be when you encounter difficult situations. 

It’s not just difficult situations that you need to be prepared for either. The Bible provides a roadmap for life with all of the wisdom it provides. Memorizing short Bible verses will bring to mind scriptures on strength, hope, peace and faith just when you need them. These 75 short Bible verses should get you well on your way to begin feeding on the Word and finding the comfort that comes from seeking God’s words daily.

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