671 Guam Recipes: Flank Steak Kelaguen

671 Guam Recipes: Flank Steak Kelaguen

While chicken kelaguen is often the gateway dish to introduce Guam food to family and friends, island cooks make kelaguen with other proteins, such as deer or shrimp.In this casual recipe from the Facebook group 671 Guam Recipes, founded by Cel Montague, group member Doris Mendiola uses flank steak for this kelaguen.

“I’ve been doing this for so long, I don’t even measure, but it’s really easy — flank steak, fresh calamansi juice or fresh lemons, salt to taste, green onions, donne’ that’s been ground or pounded (Pacific Red Hot is good) and fresh donne’,” said Mendiola, who shared the recipe with the group in February. “After years of making this, I’ve discovered that adding both types of donne’ makes a difference in taste!”

Mendiola shares some secrets to her kelaguen, including thinly slicing the flank steak against the grain.

“This keeps the meat silky-tender even after marinating in the lemon. Then put on some gloves and gently massage that calamansi juice into the beef before adding the other ingredients to taste.”

”But the ultimate secret is, I prepare this dish with love! I love to cook! I’m extremely passionate about all the food I cook, especially my famous beef kelaguen!”