53 Best Breakfast Casserole Recipes – Tricks and Tips

53 Best Breakfast Casserole Recipes

Breakfast casseroles are so versatile and complete time savers. You just do all of the work the night before and voilà—you have a delicious breakfast or brunch that will impress family, friends, kids, etc. 

Don’t care too much for sausage? Substitute it with Canadian bacon. Not a fan of green peppers? Leave them out or throw in some sun-dried tomatoes. The choices are limitless and all scrumptious. Whatever your preference is, these 53 breakfast casserole recipes are up for the challenge.

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Best Breakfast Casserole Recipes

Are you tired of the same bacon and eggs for breakfast? Try a fluffy pancake casserole, an addictive waffle casserole, dreamy cinnamon roll casserole or seriously mouthwatering blueberry french toast casserole. I mean it when I say: These make-ahead casseroles will entice your little ones out of their beds and downstairs to the table.

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