5 Protein-Rich Breakfast Recipes To Make In 10 Minutes – Tricks and Tips

High-Protein Breakfast: 5 Protein-Rich Breakfast Recipes To Make In 10 Minutes

Whether you are aiming to lose weight or follow a healthy diet, the one thing everyone recommends is to have a protein-rich diet. Protein not only helps you gain energy but also gives you essential nutrients. However, most of us think that making protein-rich food is a challenge when that’s not even the case! If you look around carefully, Indian cuisine has various ingredients that are rich in protein and makes up for some yummy meals. And if you are also searching for such recipes, here we bring you a list of protein-rich breakfast recipes that will be ready in 10 minutes!

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Here Are 5 Protein-Rich Breakfast Recipes

1. Microwave Poached Eggs (Our Recommendation)

Some could contend that mastering the art of poaching eggs takes practice. In order to prevent the egg yolk from overcooking or undercooking and the egg whites from burning, the water must be at the appropriate temperature. But did you know that you can make this recipe easily using a microwave? Find out how to do that with this recipe!

2. Quinoa Poha

To add more proteins, we are removing the traditional poha from this recipe. Grab your quinoa packet and prepare it with vegetables, mustard, and curry leaves. It is an excellent option for breakfast if you’re trying to lose weight.

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3. Cheesy Omelette

This recipe is simply delicious, with a spicy omelette served on toast that has a perfect crunch. We discovered a recipe for cheesy egg toast that takes only 5 minutes to create! People of all ages will love to devour this dish.

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4. Seviyan Vegetable Cutlet

These cutlets are healthful, flavourful, and rich. You can prepare them for breakfast, offer them at your upcoming house party, or serve them with evening tea! If you wish to keep the oil content less, then all you have to do is cook it in an air fryer or pan fry them!

Aloo Semiya Cutlet: Try This Quick And Easy Cutlet For Your Next Tea-Time Break

5. Mushroom Toast

Mushrooms are an excellent addition to your weight reduction diet because they are high in protein and low in calories. We present a simple mushroom-based recipe that will allow you to quickly prepare a unique restaurant-style breakfast at home.

So, prepare these dishes when you are in search of a quick protein-rich breakfast! Let us know which one was your favourite recipe.