5 amazing recipes using jaggery that you must try – Tricks and Tips

5 amazing recipes using jaggery that you must try

5 amazing recipes using jaggery that you must try

Sep 19, 2022, 05:15 am
2 min read

Check out these delicious recipes featuring jaggery as the key ingredient.

Made from sugarcane, jaggery is used as a sweetener in various sweet and savory dishes.

Packed with essential antioxidants, iron, and vitamin C, jaggery is better than sugar and is perfect to have on a weight loss diet.

It also keeps you warm during winters and helps your body fight seasonal cough and cold.

Here are five amazing recipes using jaggery.

This sweet roti smeared with ghee is perfect to have for dinner along with a spicy curry.

Dissolve some gur in some milk and let it cool. Add baking soda and salt to whole wheat flour and mix well.

Add ghee and the milk solution and knead it into a firm dough.

Roll into thick round rotis, smear ghee on them, and cook well.

Made with semolina, jaggery, and loads of nuts, this sweet Indian dessert is prepared on several special occasions and festivals.

Soak semolina in water for 20 minutes. Heat ghee in a heavy-bottomed vessel, add the semolina, and roast until brown in color.

Add jaggery water, saffron, pistachios, almonds, brown sugar, and cardamom powder. Stir well.

Garnish with almonds and pistachios as you serve warm.

Add lemon juice to boiling milk and allow it to curdle.

Strain the curdled milk through a muslin cloth and squeeze out the excess water.

Mix the chenna and jaggery and knead them into a smooth dough. Cook the dough in a pan.

Add cardamom powder, crushed dry fruits, and sugar. Mix everything well.

Give the desired shape using a sandesh mold and serve.

Roast sesame seeds in a thick-bottomed pan until crunchy.

Grind the roasted sesame seeds along with jaggery powder and cardamom powder for a few seconds.

Take the mixture in your palms, shape it into small smooth balls, and they are ready!

You can store these sweet treats in an air-tight jar and savor them whenever you wish.

Boil some water, add powdered jaggery, and mix well. Add cardamom powder, saffron, and black pepper to the water and let the jaggery dissolve.

Combine some wheat flour with this warm water mix. Make a smooth batter and let it rest for 30 minutes.

Add the batter to a ghee-greased tawa and cook until golden brown.

Garnish with chopped nuts and serve warm.

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