35 Best Fall Air Fryer Recipes – Tricks and Tips

35 Best Fall Air Fryer Recipes

This autumn, make your life as easy as possible with these fall air fryer recipes! The fresh harvest flavors you love—like maple, pumpkin, cinnamon and butternut squash—are even better in the air fryer! Plus, busy cooking days like Thanksgiving are so much easier when you can make some of your dishes in your air fryer. That way, you can save valuable oven space and get everyone to the table so much more quickly!

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What are the best foods to cook in an air fryer?

Some of the best fall foods are great as air fryer meals. You can roast great fall veggies in the air fryer—like Brussels sprouts or broccoli—and main dishes like chicken and pork in it too. You can even make a variety of appetizers like meatballs and mini pizzas that are perfect for game-day eats!

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