10 John Wayne Approved Cocktail Recipes You Can Make With Duke Spirits – Tricks and Tips

John Wayne holding a cocktail. He

Actor John Wayne could appreciate a good cocktail. They would sometimes get him into trouble, but drinking became a regular hobby while playing card games along with his closest friends. Duke Spirits shared some Wayne-inspired cocktail recipes that any legal-drinking age adult looking for a worthwhile drink should take a peek at.

John Wayne cocktails made with Duke Spirits

John Wayne | Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images

Wayne’s son, Ethan, once recalled his father’s dream to create his own liquor brand. However, it wouldn’t just be any other alcohol line, but it would be properly aged and authentically crafted to enjoy in a nice restaurant or after a long day of work. Ethan decided to help make that dream a reality, contributing to the birth of Duke Spirits.